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Springer Jewelers at its founding was meant to be a jeweler that was trusted by its customers.  Our mission “To Offer Quality and Integrity to every customer who walks into our store,”stems from that same idea and continues to stand the test of time.  The real difference you will find at Springer Jewelers  is an extensive education in whatever you are looking to purchase and understanding its value relative to the investment you make in it.  Our 83-plus years of family tradition and knowledge is what allows us to do this in such a different way.
Another difference is that we do not believe in high-pressure sales or gimmicks to get you to come to our store. Instead, we consider each person who chooses to do business with us more than just a sale when they walk in.  We assure you that at Springer Jewelers  you will always feel valued and respected.  We treat you like family.  Like our founder Edward, we believe this is the way jewelry should be done.

Consistency Matters

Quality + Integrity = Consistency

Springer Jewelers always provides quality jewelry with quality service. These two elements of quality set us apart from most in our industry.  Our intimate knowledge of how the industry has been shaped over the past 83-plus years, gives us the ability to be able to find you the best quality piece for the best values. We are able to do this because of the relationships we have built with our vendors and learning by doing from our elders in our store.  This allows us to give not only the best quality jewelry for its value but also service that is second-to-none.
Expect to be treated extremely well when you walk into our store because our service is relationship oriented.  We make sure you are comfortable and blown away by what we do and by what you purchase.  At Springer Jewelers it does not matter how large or how small the request is, every time you request  something we put one hundred percent effort into making sure its done right.  Our lifetime friends will tell you that it is our adherence to quality that makes them come back and do business with us over and over again!


However, consistency cannot be achieved by quality alone.  It also takes integrity to do what Springer Jewelers has done for over 83-plus years.  We always hold ourselves accountable to our standards, and we are always honest with our customers.  This is something that seems to be lacking in the current market today.  Emphasis has been on volume and turnover instead of doing business the correct way.  Springer Jewelers is refreshingly old-school when it comes to those principles.  We believe that in jewelry it is extremely important to be dealing with someone who has your best interests in mind.  We are that jeweler.


Education is Our Staple

The key difference that our customers experience at Springer Jewelers is our adherence to educating our customers.  We do not do this by placing shiny graphics and “create your own ring” applications online, but by showing you actual stones and jewelry.  After we get your item in, we explain all the factors that go into it.  Springer Jewelers is able to do this because of its long history.


We believe this is the key distinction in our philosophy.  Springer Jewelers treats every potential sale as an opportunity to educate our customers.  It does not matter if you are planning to purchase a $100 or $1,000 piece, we treat each customer the same way.  You will see this education style as soon as you walk into the Springer Jewelers store.  We know how important knowledge is, and it’s what we have been giving our customers for 83-plus years!  Come in and see the difference!


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